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PT. TSE Sertindo Namora (SERTINDO) offers innovative solutions for technical services as a local expertise with a global precent. Our team is supported with young and experience people who is ready for any mind of challenge.


As a technical ispection services in Indonesia, we work closely with Clients as well as Government for services in core projects/ maintenance in Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical and Renewabale industry.


We believe that only trough professional excellence & uncompromising dedication to our client’s requirements can trully fulfill our vision andmission.


Our philosophy places professional ethics above commercial consideration. In order to put this into practice and we always observes following conventions: 

  • We offer a prompt and personalised service that is self financing, in term of the effectiveness of the service to client, while sharing the know-how to client’s benefit.
  • We provide a reliable & professional service that is continously improved through the ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; OHSAS 45001:2018;  of our Quality Management System.
  • We are fully dedicated to international accepted inspection code of practice which is scrupulously observed by our professional staff.
  • We implement a strict Business Ethic & Compliance Code throughout our organization.


We provide independent third-party inspection services and technical solutions to all of range industries: Coal & Minerals; Oil & Gas, Petroleum and Petrochemicals; Marine and Offshore; Industrial Equipment.


Our company is built on a strong foundation of research and our company invest to support related research in order to give the best value for our customer. Three aspects, we concern to deliver services for our customer, are quality, schedule and budget. Our experts have combination of experience as academician and professional, it makes us has capability to deliver services with substantial benefit for our customer.


Our Philosophy

We live by our core values, like:  Integrity, Passion, Trust and Excellence. Our values enable us to drive for excellence through innovation and attention to detail, along with our passion for a health and safety culture in everything we do, ensures we can deliver a seamless solution to you, every time.


Substantial Benefit for Our Customer Combined of experience as Quality Engineer's and professional, we offer you substantial benefit. Our concern to deliver quality, schedule, and budget as your priority.

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